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Love and Christmas

First let me start by saying Merry Christmas to everyone with wings a’fluttering I wave my fairy wand and wish you all the love, beauty and courage that you all need to get ready to face the coming new year!


I’ve been trying to write something since December 1 for the International Aids Day. But alas, I’ve realized that I have placed myself in a comfortable shell that allows me to … just live. Like what Queen Latifah said in her 2006 movie, “The Last Holiday” – we learn to keep our heads down and hustle, work hard and keep it under the radar hoping that one day, you’d be able to have enough to live (at least that’s what I got. J) So I guess today, I’d like to begin stepping back into the real world and live.


Since today, in many religions, celebrates the coming to life of Jesus and remembering how he has arrived to help mankind. I think we as gay men and women should also remember that this very special life that we were given holds a lot of pleasant surprises – if we just hold long enough to live it. In the past years, the affliction of HIV/AIDS has become such a reality for me having known people who have gone because of this horrible sickness. But like the hush tones that brought to me the news of their failing health and even their deaths, they have suffered in silence, still fearing the stigma of this sickness. I’m saddened by the fact that it’s our search for love – or acceptance or the semblance of it with the warmth of another’s touch, the heat given off by each kiss – that led us to this search that has brought us walking through dark alleys, groping at dimly lit bars and going home (or wherever) with the first person who kinda’ groped back. And though I do believe that we are all responsible for whatever happens to us, I still have that slight pinch in my heart that if these hugs and kisses remained as innocent and loving as it should have been given by one’s family, things may have been different.handREDribbon


In 2008, I got to talk to one of my old friends who’s now with an NGO that helps out people with the disease. He told me that the total number of affected individuals rose that year to 400% mostly from the 17-24 age range. Upon hearing this, all that I could think of was that even with the efforts of NGO’s around the country to disseminate information and how media has tried to expose the sickness, discuss possible maintenance and how the research and development of meds for this sickness has been supported by a lot of named personalities, our longing for love has just gone to a higher level making many of us ignore all the tell tale signs of the sickness – like the lure of the bright fire to an unknowing moth … though death is imminent, it’s always too late.


So I hope today and onwards, as our first effort, we and this blogsite can be sounding boards to individuals who are lost and kinda needs directions to the best guiding light that could help them with the disease (because now, it can be managed) … just in case, here’s some now ….


  • National AIDS/STD Prevention and Control Program 
3rd Floor, Building 12, Department of Health 
Sta. Cruz, Manila, PHILIPPINES 
Telephone: +632 338 6440 
E-mail: or For HIV/AIDS/STI-related services and information, TLF also refers some inquiries to the following organizations:


  • Reachout Foundation International

2030 M. Adriatico Street

Malate, Manila 1004 PHILIPPINES

Clinic: +632 526 6887 Ä Helpline: +632 525 5845



  • Remedios AIDS Foundation

1066 Remedios corner Singalong Streets

Malate, Manila 1004 PHILIPPINES

Clinica Remedios: +632 252 2874

Remedios Hotline: +632 524 0551

Women’s AIDS Hotline: +632 524 4427 or 524 4507



  • The Library Foundation
1830 Luis Maria Guerrero Street 
Malate, Manila 1004 PHILIPPINES 
You may also contact us through the following: 
    • TELEPHONE: +632 400 8375 
TLF is also a member of Lesbian and Gay Legislative Advocacy Network (LAGABLAB), which includes


* Babaylan – UP Diliman

* CLIC – Can’t Live in the Closet

* Katlo Inc.

* ManilaOut

* MCC – Metropolitan Community Church

* OSAe – Order of Saint Aelred

* WMC – Women’s Media Circle

* WSWC – Womyn Supporting Womyn Center



We salute all individuals who have dedicated their lives to the support, research and management of this disease. Soon with proper information and helpful hands … love can truly save us all.


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