The 2fatfairies

At home with the 2fatfairies

IMG_0001Its now coming full circle and we are so excited! Yes, we can’t just hide it! The 2fatfairies now have a Facebook page to complete all the trimmings in our new virtual space. Of course all our latest blogs from the site and tweets from @2fatfairies are linked, so you’ll always have your fairy godmothers by your side. And most importantly, the 2fatfairies are here for all of you, give us a shoutout for topics you want us to cover or things you want us to explore. Final word…we’re fat…we’re fags…and we’re out…’nuff said!!!

2 thoughts on “At home with the 2fatfairies

  1. Maria

    Good luck my 2 lovely fairies. I’m looking forward to alot of tears rolling down my cheeks from all the laughter your wit & humor in sharing stories or insights with us will cause.

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