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Top 7 Apps the 2fatfairies Never Travel Without

Aside from ensuring that we bring this popular credit card that introduced the catch phrase “Don’t leave home without it,” the 2fatfaifairies have a few more essentials we never travel without….apps! Yes, those wonderful apps that live in our iPhones and iPads that make our journey more comfortable and memorable.

Here is our top 7 apps (beside regular iOS bundled apps like Safari, iTunes, Maps, Weather, and Apple Mail) in order of importance:

tripit image


#7 – Tripit ( keeps all our travel itineraries together! From confirmed airline bookings and all transportation arrangements to hotel and dinner reservations to concert tickets to tours. I particularly like the auto import feature for travel reservations like airline tickets, including notifications of delays or changed flight schedules. Every time I book my tickets online and give out my email addresses, by some magical-scientific-ala-peanut-butter-sandwiches, Tripit picks it up, stores it and issues reminders. Tripit is a handy tool for all our logistical needs and I use it with iBooks, where I store pdf copies of tickets and reservations.

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#6 – Spotify ( is our online music library with millions of songs organized into genres, moods, occasions, by artist, by album, etc., within tapping distance of our well-manicured fingers. Plug or pair the iPhone/iPad to our car or portable speaker system and we have access to musicals, concerts, recordings and rave/party music everywhere. Premium subscription is cheap and can be had on a per month demand. The best part – Spotify frees up space on your devices, being an online resource, and compatible with djay app (, perfect for our road trips especially if Chi is driving or when you suddenly need to make people get up and dance to the latest beats, just like our trip to Malapascua! Spotify also means that we are now retiring Josh Groban as our intimate music to moan, groan and grunt to!!!

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#5 – Waze ( is our reliable and dependable traffic and navigation app that we’ve road tested in various parts of the Philippines, Hong Kong, Japan (Tokyo and Kyoto), and Australia (Sydney and Suburbs). We use Waze daily to give us best and alternative routes to avoid or minimize being stuck in traffic on our way to work, airport, or parties. The map is impressive and gets updated very quickly – a must especially in Manila where traffic routes and conditions change as frequent as we stuff our faces with food!

scruff image


#4 – Scruff ( connects us to the gay bear community everywhere we go. Aside from featuring members nearby it also has latest events and places to go for food, drinks, relaxation and meet like-minded guys. The 2fatfairies believe that the best way to get to know a place is to have a local tour you, oh yeah, in some cases we really get to do the tour not only the locals!

watershot image


#3 – Watershot ( is our latest addition! Watershot is an app to enable taking pictures and videos underwater while using the Watershot underwater casing for iPhone. Perfect companion of the 2fatfairies underwater for those fabulous shots of wonderful creatures and times we have scuba diving with friends and playful moments adding color under the sea with the scubadings. Capturing underwater photos and videos mean that we can immediately edit and post them on Instagram and Facebook as soon as we surface. Underwater photos to follow soon in other posts!

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#2 – Facebook (, need we say more?! Facebook keeps us in touch with friends and family, wherever we are. It also becomes an alternative communication channel, together with Viber, Line, and WhatsApp, especially overseas through Facebook Messenger. All we need is wifi and we’re connected. Friends we haven’t seen for a long time send us messages once they see that we’re nearby through our posts and vice versa. Perfect for those trips, when we need to crash for a night or bum for food and booze in exchange for fab 2fatfairies yarns, of course!!!

instagram image


#1 – Instagram ( takes the cake! Instagram captures all the 2fatfairies moments and publish these, well instantaneously. We love the effects and ease in editing, posting and connectivity with Facebook and Twitter. We even setup a page – Out and About – here at that connects to all our #2fatfairies Instagram posts.


There you have it, our top 7 apps that we never travel without. Send us some love and tell us your favorite travel apps in the comments below. Happy fingering!!!

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