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Suck on it, Don’t Suck at it! The Explicit Guide to Giving A Romantic Head Job – Part 1 of 5

????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????The other day I was taken a back (not from the back) by a co-worker when she asked me about tips on how to give a blow job, just seconds before we started our meeting with our client. Knowing her, or at least my pre/misconception of her, and the time that the subject was brought up, I sensed an urgency and my fairy wings started fluttering to suck in all available knowledge.

There are so many guides written and published on the Internet on giving a blow job and I have compiled a list of these for future posts. What I will focus on are the “must” elements from the way I enjoy receiving and watching the reactions of my partners (previous encounters included) when I’m giving.

The best blow jobs are the ones that heighten the excitement for both of you. Picking the right moment and circumstances are as important as your technique. The sense of urgency and the tips that would follow will depend on where you are, how much time you have, and the possibility of being caught all add up to the experience.

One of the advantages of blow jobs is that, like masturbation, it gives pleasure without a lot of preparations – a dark corner, in the toilet, in the car, under the table while your partner is making a presentation, the possibilities are endless! But this doesn’t mean that you just go down on your man. You need to set the mood. Will it be romantic, lustful, whimsical, or the “I was drunk I didn’t know what was happening but lets not speak about it, when do we drink again” approach? I will focus on the romantic suck, here goes…

Don’t dive down directly to gobble up his flacido domingo, unless of course this is a quickie and the objective is catch and release! If possible and the situation permits, start with gentle yet passionate frenchies. Give him a bit of a taste of how you plan the rest of the encounter by gently sucking on his tongue. Cup the side of his face with one of your hands, making sure you gently caress his earlobes in the process. At some point you can start kissing one side of his neck, giving it a gentle suck, and make your way to the center just below his chin and back to his lips. You can give his earlobes a good nibble and I find kissing the back of the ear, just behind the earlobes, quite sexy and reassuring. However, i don’t find sticking the tongue in the ear pleasurable. It could be very uncomfortable and induces temporary deafness. As you do these you can start unbuckling and unbuttoning his fly, which is a signal of what’s to come.

Assuming that you have managed to get your partner down to his birthday suit there are a few more mood settings needed to further intensify the experience before blowing his birthday candle. The anticipation is killing him by now and he would try to take control, but you need to take hold of the situation, see entries in future posts about Control.

Go down slowly, starting from one side of his neck, moving to the center, down to his clavicle or collarbone or where it used to be but you know that’ s the general area. I do the lick-kiss-suck-release technique (tongue lands first then lips then varying degree of suction then release) as I move to the nipples. Pay attention to his reactions to determine which areas to give extra love, usually the nipples. Arching his back, increased heavy breathing, and low moans are good signs.

At this point, he’s thinking that it’s just the usual thing and there are no surprises or out of the ordinary in what you’re doing. Proceed going further down and as soon as you go below the nipples you will observe him arching his back – congratulations you are on the right path! His anticipation is heightened. If you’ve given him head before he will start pushing your head down his crotch. Not yet! Don’t let him! See entries in future post in this series about Control.

Go down the middle path to the belly button. This confirms your intention and if you were able to control him earlier he will let go and give in, knowing that there will be fulfilment. Spend some time licking the sides of the navel. You can gently poke the inside with the tip of your tongue but do it ever so gently. If he has hair there try tugging at it gently with your lip. Position yourself in between his legs, let your neck drop to the length of his erection, caress it with the skin of your neck as you lick his belly button. For added tease bring your mouth within enough distance from the head while gently blowing air out…in your mind thinking, I know what you want and it’s going to be goooood!

Precum is a good sign, you can use this to maximize moisture, which will be discussed in future posts in this series.

Once you reach this point you can do three things: 1) proceed to licking the head; 2) go to the side and trace the folds of his orion’s belt leading down to his crotch; or 3) move down, pretend you are going to take the whole thing in one single gulp but proceed further down to his balls instead. Either way will be very rewarding and depend on your excitement too. By this time, however, he is soooo ready, you’ve done a great job and you can reward yourself by finally being able to take all of him in your mouth. Remember, you are doing this for you as well as for him.

Interested to find out about the other approaches? Lustful? Whimsical? or “I was drunk I didn’t know what was happening but lets not speak about it, when do we drink again”? Or want to add your own tips? Give us some love and write them below!

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