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Suck it, Don’t Suck At It! The Explicit Guide to Giving a Romantic Head Job – Part 2 of 5

Assuming that you have read part 1 of this series you have probably done some of the tips or used it to validate what you already know or already an expert (in which case we’d like to hear what you know in the comments below). If you followed all the tips from part 1, your partner is now so hard with anticipation, begging for some relief, to the point that he’s grabbing you by the nape and aggressively aiming his pleasure tool to your mouth. By this time you’d also be so excited to perform one of the most intimate sexual activities that your mouth is also reacting to the anticipation…salivating uncontrollably, if not then you are in trouble!

IMG_1136Moisture is the next important component of oral sex. One that could make or break your preparation. There’s nothing more pleasurable to a man than entering a perfectly moist orifice!

If your man produces loads of pre-cum then you have additional source to keeping it moist, however, not everyone is a fan of this latest food ingredient in some restaurants (check it out here). If you haven’t tried tasting pre-cum, I suggest you do (I’m assuming that you are exclusively having sex with one partner only and go through STD/STI tests regularly). Not everyone is a fan but you won’t know until you do, and as I always say – don’t knock it til you tried it! Pre-cum is not as thick as semen but it’s enough to add moisture to your mouth.

If you have a dry mouth try the following:

1. Sucking on a piece of minty candy. This will stimulate production of saliva as well as add more kink as the menthol gives a hot and cold sensation to the penis. Be careful not to choke on your candy! Sugar free candies are best.IMG_1133

2. Ice chips and ice cubes can also stimulate saliva production and the cold sensation from the ice can drive him crazy. Avoid ice cream, the sugar tends to dry up the mouth.

3. Citrus fruits or sour and tart fruits also stimulate production of saliva. Sour fruits are acidic and they make the mouth pucker which triggers release of saliva.

4. Live a healthier lifestyle. Avoid mouthwash. alcohol, coffee and salty foods. Increase intake of fruits, vegetables and water.

Now, some people have very active salivary glands, don’t worry there is no such thing as too much moisture. The 3rd in this series will address that, so for now have fun experimenting with 1, 2 and 3 above.

Check out this link for a trick called “Grapefruiting” for the adventurous in you!

If you cannot stimulate saliva production and you are suffering from dry mouth, it’s best not to go through with it, as this could be uncomfortable for both of you and you risk getting cuts and bruises in your mouth and on his penis which could lead to potential infections.

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