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Flora and Fauna

Welcome to our new site fairyhags!


Yay! We’re back! And a little bit more geared toward writing our hearts out! It’s been a while since we last tried to get this blog started but it seems that a lot of things just got in the way … for me, that is. Ducky has always been up and about getting things together making me focus on the “now” rather than always preparing for the “what comes after.” I, in the last five years of our relationship (woooohooooo!!!! 5 years!!!) have been learning a lot about myself and how to actualize being “twogether” – that I’m such a worrier, that am a closet conservative and that I have fought so hard to get emancipated from everything I grew up with I forgotten how to connect…. Somehow. So thanks to my partner’s prodding (aka kicking my butt every time I go drama queen on him) I have decided to (yes, today, more than a month from my 42nd birthday) use all these things, try to be positive and just get things started … with this blog. (baby steps!) So hang on there friends because we’ll try to put together all our thoughts (nice, bitchy, vicious, cute and not so cute) into this site aptly called 2fatfairies. He’re we’ll try to put together our ideas on travel, food, love, friendship, health, movies, entertainment, family, the traffic situation in Manila and whatever things that we can poke our little shiny wands into thereby producing a fun and informative reading material for our friends and our soon to be friends. J I little caveat though because sometimes, it wouldn’t be so G and PG because the fat fairies aren’t always that nice and cuddly (wink, wink!)


Welcome to our new home. We are still in the process of decorating it and learning a few tricks along the way to make your browsing experience worthwhile. Yes, we would like some suggestions on content that you would like us to feature. For now, these pages will take you through the world of the 2fatfairies, funny at times, often inquisitive and challenging, and soon will provide gateway to fun and cool items no fairyhag should go without.

For now, browse though our articles and if you like them please hit the share buttons below. We also have instagram links so if you want to be featured in our Out and About page use #2fatfairies on your instagram posts – appropriate use is encouraged and we have the right to exclude content.

We’re big, proud and out!


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