Being beautiful is not a fairytale, but every now and then you need a fairy to be extraordinary.

Imagine what happens when you get 2fatfairies!

We became the 2fatfairies at a time of discovery. A time when we claimed music against the deafening silence of shame, beauty against the glaring stares of the unusual, laughter against the excruciating pain of judgement, and love against the forces of exclusion.

The 2fatfaries are symbolic of those little ways that you act or think that seem to magically make things better. You already possess the capabilities to be the best, but doubt and fear of being judged for being different makes you a non-believer.

Our magic is made from making you believe in the possibilities. We wield our wands to show you the paths to make your vision a reality…holding your hands along your journey while having lots of fun and laughter along the way.